A STARTUP DADA initiative!

ज्यांना पुण्यात ऑफिस पाहिजे पण परवडत नाही अशा Start-Ups, उद्योजक, प्रोफेशनल्स, कन्सल्टंटस, व्यावसायिकांसाठी खुशखबर !

सहकारी तत्वावर आता पुण्यातही तुम्ही तुमचे कार्यालय सुरु करू शकता. वार्षिक फक्त ४९९९/- रुपयांमध्ये ! कुठलेही छुपे खर्च नाहीत.

अधिक माहितीसाठी आपले Visiting Card आम्हास +918600122333 या क्रमांकावर WhatsApp करा.

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It’s our pleasure to announce our innovative services for fellow Startups, NGOs, Entrepreneurs, Freelancer, Consultant and those who are looking for Virtual office & business expansion in Pune, Business City of India.

What we offer ?

  • Prestigious office address usage facility. You can call it as your Pune co-ordination office or anything you want
  • Personalized attendance of your phone calls during office hours 10-5
  • All messages are taken for u and delivered to you via SMS/WhatsApp or email immediately
  • Your postal mails will be couriered on your regular address
  • Emails will be forwarded on your regular email address
  • Your company broachers will be displayed on demand to your visitors

Office in Pune, Why?

  • Prestigious Address Benefit: Any project, scheme or initiative originated form Pune has big faith/trust value in the minds of entire Maharashtra . The address of Pune office on one’s visiting card changes the attitude towards his firm in the mind of the customer.
  • Customer imagines that this entrepreneurs has been successful and only therefore he can afford an office in Pune. So “Pune Office address” indirectly turns as a business promotion for the entrepreneur.
  • You can print our contact details on your stationery … i.e. visiting cards, letterheads, handouts & website.

Services offered for Members 

  • Collection of fees, donations, payments, membership fees, tickets, web application forms, deposits, abhishek fees, subscriptions ( Money related)
  • Distribution of broachers, forms, product catalogues, tender forms, application forms, CDs share certificates, annual reports, prospectus
  • Collection of bio data, application forms, admission forms
  • Distribution of refund amount, deposit refunds.
  • Office assistant services for bringing or delivering things or documents on hourly basis.
  • PA for buckeye, greetings delivering etc.
  • Liaison with respective Govt. Depts.


This Virtual office is initiated by STARTUP DADA for Startups, Upcoming Entrepreneurs, NGOs, Small Companies across globe. Facility will be available to limited companies as per the final agreement basis. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Various Packages:

Managed by Leo Edunomics (Le Edunomics Pvt Ltd) & TAYS Global

Please call +91 99606 72518 for more details


Soon we are coming up with Second Office in SMART CITY Baner-Balewadi, Pune.



तुमच्यातील कौशल्य व जिज्ञासा ओळखून, तुमच्यातील छुप्या कर्तबगाराला मूर्त रूप देण्याची क्षमता असलेले श्री रविंद्र घाटे यांच्या १५ वर्षाच्या राष्ट्रीय व आंतरराष्ट्रीय अनुभवाचे आपल्या कार्यात योगदान व सक्रिय साथ हवी असल्यास आपण त्यांची वैयक्तिक भेट आगाऊ आरक्षित करू शकता.

Consultancy, Advocacy, Facilitation, Co-ordination, Representation, Info-Knowledge Dissemination, Opportunity Finding, Digital & Online Services.


Assistance available to…

·         Creative Students, Youths

·         Grassroot NGOs, Social Workers

·         Big NGOs, CSRs

·         Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, MSMEs

·         Politicians & Political Parties


Students, Youths

·         Career guidance

·         ICT Project preparation assistance

·         Project visits

·         Importance of Entrepreneurship

·         Help in finding suitable jobs, internships

·         Scholarships, Fellowship information Services

·         Business Opportunity Facilitation

·         Guidance & Direction for Youth Awards and various other awards of merit.


Grassroot NGOs, Social Workers

·         Project selection guidance and directions

·         Connections/Affiliations with various social organizations, CSR units

·         Crowd- funding ideas

·         Updates about Seminars, Conferences, Trainings etc

·         Websites for NGOs, Social Organizations, Social Workers, Villages, MSMEs, SHGs, Youth Mandals

·         Innovative Educational Services for Rural and Semi-Urban Students

·         Mobile based various innovative projects

·         SMS, WhatsApp based services for specific groups

·         Mobile App design and development assistance

·         Entrepreneurial /Business opportunities under Social Worker to Social Entrepreneur Program

·         Guidance in Award proposal preparations for applicants


Big NGOs, Companies CSR Deptts

·         New Services & System Design and Implementation for Organizations, CSRs

·         Consultation on social issues

·         Social issues:  Agitation, Direction & Guidance

·         Mass Projects of Public Use

·         Public Schemes Delivery Systems

·         Computer Literacy Projects: guidance, monitoring and evaluation

·         Mobile based surveys

·         Help in expanding organization network/finding associates in the desired locations.


Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, MSMEs

·         Innovative Business Ideas for start-ups, entrepreneurs, MSMEs

·         Entrepreneurial connections

·         Help in forming a prototype

·         Company/Partnership/LLP formation

·         Recommendations to VCs, Angel Investors, Funding Agencies, NBFCs.

·         Network/Business expansion services across the country

·         Help in finding suitable digital marketing & advertising platform or strategy.

·         B2B Database access


Politicians & Political Parties

·         Social Initiatives using Social Media

·         Various pro-political services for politicians

·         Various software, digital services, mobile applications for candidates.

·         Current Socio-Political issues for Political Leaders & Parties

·         Watchdog services for political parties

·         Candidate social evaluation services for political parties

·         Recommendation of interested/right candidates for political parties


If you wish to meet Mr Ravindra Ghate in person, please contact on 98225 22333 (10am-6pm).