Projects in the past: 


ngoVARTA : Newsletter for NGOs, Social Workers

We, at SMSONE Media Services Pvt Ltd with Mobile Media Association,Pune are very happy to launch ngoVARTA on WHATSAPP- Unique Newsletter to INTEGRATE & INTERCONNECT Social Sector people with a special focus on NGOs. This WHATSAPP newsletter will alert, inform, update all the affiliate members & the people in the social sector.

Update Urself with... 

•Latest happenings

•NGO related news

•Success Stories

•Relevant Information

•New appointments

•Various Offers & Schemes

•Partnership Opportunities

•CSR offers


Why ngoVARTA? 

•To form NGOs own micro-media

•To amplify NGOs voice

•To bring them together under a single umbrella

•To encourage their participation

•To update members with all latest happenings on various fronts like social, political, governmental information

•To enhance affection and oneness in the members

•To empower NGO Leaders.


Advantages over other medias.... 

•Your own independent media.

•Instant reach.

•Always on-Always with U.

•Very affordable.


ngoVARTA serves to the members in following domain.... 

•Office bearers of NGOs, NPOs, VOs

•Social Workers

•Youth Social Workers

•National & State level Awardees



•Opinion Makers

•Journalists in all medias

•PROs of various Govt departments

•PROs of various Universities

•Funding agencies

•National Service Schemes (NSS) Volunteers

•Nehru Yuva Kendra's NYS & NVAs

•Consultants in Social Sector

•Anyone opts-in for the newsletter



Mera Internet Project: Free Wi-Fi in Slum

Telxess with support from Ford along with it’s technical and ISP Partner DVOIS Broadband has now planned and designed a Wi-Fi Network to provide wireless Internet access, which will provide coverage to around 1200 marginalised households in the notified ‘Vasti’ Mahatma Phule Nagar of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. All residential, local businesses, SHG’s and other establishments will receive Wi-Fi signals and the residents will be able to use wireless devices to access Internet 24×7.

Knowing that most of the residents have never used computers and will need to be trained, a significant component of the project is dedicated to capacity building. This is being enabled through the setting up of the Swabhiman Internet Kendra, in the vicinity, where computers will be installed and all interested residents will be trained in batches and certified in the use of computer basics, useful applications and Internet. They will be exposed to the information highway and the myriad benefits which Internet can bring to their lives.

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eNGO : Promoting digitization amongst NGOs for .ngo

The eNGO programme, a national movement, is a joint effort of Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and Public Interest Registry (PIR) to make grassroots organisations ICT enabled by providing a web-enabled platform through free website, domain name, and providing capacity building through the eNGO training programme.

The eNGO programme strives to empower more than 3.3 million NGOs and Self Help Groups to create a virtual identity and increase their visibility for national and global outreach. eNGO programme offers websites in any local Indian language.

Developed more than 250 websites of various NGOs in Maharashtra.

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smsVARTA - Local SMS Community Newsletter 

We encourage rural youth to work with us as ‘mobile’ journalists. Each mobile journalist has to create a 1,000 mobile phone user community and encourage them to subscribe for our Local SMS Community Newsletter. Our community leaders are responsible for sending promotional or social messages to his/her community. We restrict the number of messages sent to our subscribers to four in a month to avoid overload of information and irritation and try to achieve the desired impact of our messages.

‘Local SMS Community Newsletter for Self Employment Promotion’ is amongst ‘TOP 15 Mobile Social Innovations in the World’ recognized by CISCO, MICROSOFT, NOKIA, SUN & others. It’s a model through which 550 unemployed youths (10-12th failed - school college dropouts) are serving local citizens with SMS based local, important & relevant content & earning at an average of Rs. 4,000 - 8,000/month as Community Leader/Mobile Reporter.

This idea weaves every household through the thread of SMS and develops oneness & affection in the society. This micro-media gives platform & amplifies communities’ voice as it’s a ‘Digital Inclusion-Peoples Participatory Model’.

Considering current mobile penetration of 85 %, this idea has a potential of providing more than 8,00,000 self-employment opportunities in the country as it provide work for one unemployed youth per 1000 families/mobile users.

Now, this model is dedicated to the Unemployed Youths of the Developing Nations to promote Rural & Social Entrepreneurship. We don’t not charge any fees, royalty or commission from anyone who will replicate this project. 

More than 12,00,000 citizens were benefited until we were controlling this model.



eduVARTA is SMS based Educational, Jobs, Skills, Social Information alert & update service for rural & semi-urban college students.

Our aim is to connect Rural & Semi-Urban Students from various faculties, locations & colleges and update them with ... 

•Further Educational Opportunities

•Skill Enhancement Programs

•Business Opportunities

•Employment & Self - Employment Opportunities

•Companies offering Direct Recruitment

More than 60,000 rural students are benefiting from this service.

This project stood amongst Top 2 projects in Vodafone's 'Mobile 4 Good' Challenge in India.



Right to Information act has opened doors to the developmental information. Gramsabha is the most efficient platform of people participation in development. Mobile is the most widely spread Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tool and has reached even into the hands of our rural residents. Various developmental information never reaches a rural resident. And therefore, for the first time in India, we are using the SMS to canalize the information reservoirs to the rural residents. 

m-Village is a Village based Resident centric Information & knowledge focused News service through SMS run by the representative of village community, referred to as Community Reporter.

More than 25 villages are connected in this as a pilot project serving 50,000 citizens.


In 2010, DEF in partnership with the National Information Exchange of India (NIXI), an autonomous body of the Ministry of Communication & IT, started convincing gram panchayats to set up their own websites and go online. The vision is that if the lowest tier of governance can adopt digitisation then a grassroots-level transformation can take place in governance and in participatory democracy. Moreover, Gram Panchayats themselves can become big change agents by promoting, encouraging and facilitating digital literacy and access to the Internet. So far, DEF has helped over 500 gram panchayats to create their own websites and go online while making over 5,000 GP members digitally literate. Now, with emphasis on the Digital India programme and related programmes such as the Sansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) and the ongoing NOFN (National Optic Fibre Network) project to provide broadband connection to all 2,50,000 gram panchayats, DEF's pioneering effort not only stands validated but is also likely to get a major boost in the coming days. DEF is now pushing ahead to help many more Panchayats become digitally inclusive.

In short, a comprehensive website of every village developed and maintained by a local youth publishing the historical, demographical, geographical, statistical, developmental information of that village.

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 SLB Connect

In 2012, a house-to-house mobile based survey of residents of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), Maharashtra was conducted towards improved service delivery from PCMC.The household survey collected about 5200 responses. The survey focused on gathering citizen feedback on access to and the quality of water and sanitation services provided by PCMC. The city disseminated the findings of the survey at a city level workshop, and through the publicly accessible online platform, as well as local media. 

The mobile based survey was conducted by SMSONE.

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Behtar Mehtar

In response to Amir Khan's appeal to come together and help down trodden communities like Walmiki, Mehtar, Bhangi in their social upliftment process.. (These communities have to do manual scavenging or cleaning of others’ excreta by hand) we are building a “Digital Community” of WALMIKI, MEHTAR & BHANGI  SAMAJ & actively involving in their Socio-Economical-Educational Empowerment using ICT. We are utilizing Youth Energy of these communities for Social Transformation


Currently 4500+ families are benefiting with this service.

M4ME: Mobile for Minority Empowerment

Minorities in India, especially Muslims are away from development. For years together, we are not able to reach the down trodden scheduled cast communities of Muslims. Through M4ME,we are trying to weave Dalit Muslims together and serve them with quality content focusing on developmental messages. 


Currently 15,000+ Dalit Muslim families are benefitting from our newsletter.

Urban Students to Rural Students Mentoring

Urban Knowledgeable Student mentors 10 Rural Students over telephone guiding them in career,educational,skills,jobs opportunities. This project is conducted between April-August every year.


  • Only 30-40 % student attendance in colleges. 
  • Students do not read “Notice Board” 
  • No “College-Student” connectivity. 
  • No local guidance available for bright students. 
  • Student do not have exposure to the educational world. 
  • Learner & teacher feels that they are adding to the “Unemployment Pool” of the country. 
  • Most of the Colleges do not have fulltime Principals & if , they are at the retiring age & do not allow any innovative project for the students. 
  • Most of the Principals do not take any decision because of tremendous Management pressure & Interference. 
  • Lecturers, Professors do not keep update with the ever changing world & teach the old syllabus which is out of date.

These are the observations found by MMA-SMSONE after visiting nearly 80 colleges  in Maharashtra.


And yet …do U think…India will become a SuperPower in 2020 ?


Become a “Destroying Youth Bomb” fighting amongst themselves on Religion, Cast, Regional, Language & on Political issues.


To avoid this…..

  • We need to nurture college going youths.
  • Provide them with genuine, timely, relevant educational,career, skills, job, business related information. 
  • Create oneness & affection amongst them. 
  • Inculcate Nationalism & focus their mind on ‘IndiaFirst’.

Come join hands with us in our mission to transform this college youths into Socialy Relevant YouthForce. We know, our efforts are small, but, atleast we are positively trying for CHANGE…not just chitchatting..

We will provide them with …

All necessary Youth Centric Nationalistic Information, Education, Career, Skill, Job, Biz related opportunities, Scholarships, Fellowships, Entrance-Competitive Exams Information etc..

This project will …

  • Convert the mobile phone into “Knowledge Acquiring Gadget” instead of FM Radio or an I-pod.
  • Bring Knowledge Equality.
  • Eliminate the delay in Knowledge Dissemination between Urban & Rural Students.
  • Ignite the minds towards Nationalistic developmental activities.

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