A true disciple of Late Shri Balasaheb Bharade ( Great Gandhian Thinker), Ravi Ghate, a Pune based Social Worker, has always focused his entire activities for the empowerment and upliftment of rural & deprived class of the society using Information Communication Technologies for a larger impact.

With a tagline of "From Zero-For Zeros", Ravi Ghate is thriving to empower masses using ICT based platforms from last 15 years. He is recipient of National Youth Award 2005-06, apex award for Youth Social Workers in the country, at the auspicious hands of then President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam for his outstanding work in spreading Computer Literacy across the state of Maharashtra, especially in rural, tribal and backward areas.

He is innovator of "Local SMS Community Newsletter", which won many awards and accolades including Manthan Award, NASSCOM Social Innovation Honor, Clinton Global Initiatives YES Fund Award. This idea stood among TOP 15 PUBLICLY VOTED "Mobile 4 Empowerment" ideas in the WORLD. SMSONE was ranked among HOT 5 start-ups in 2010 by Forbes India Magazine & FastCompany, USA.

His innovative project eduVARTA won the prestigious "Mobile for Good" Award of Vodafone India Foundation worth Rs.10 Lakhs. He used this money to alert & update 60,000 SC/ST/NT students.

Recently his efforts of helping drought affected using Social Media ranked amongst Top 5 Social Media Projects in the country. A group of 100 + Empowerment Catalysts worked towards reducing the pains in drought affected areas. A direct giving model was set which bypassed NGOs and middlemen’s and because of which Rs. 85 Lakh worth works were reported whose government valuation is over Rs. 2 Cr.

His other projects include Digital Community for Mehtar – Walmiki’s (4500 families), Mobile for Minority Empowerment (15,500 families), Urban to Rural Student Mentoring (25,000 + students), mVillage enriches villagers with vital rural information through SMS. He is now working with Digital Empowerment Foundations to create an App which will cater citizens with state government programs and welfare schemes with entire support system. 10 states work has been completed till date.

Many research students published papers on his innovation. To name a few, Oxford University, Stanford University, IIM-A, IIT-B, UNESCO, FICCI etc. Washington Post, Fast Company, Tech-Crunch & many other national-international media houses published his stories.

He is 12th pass from a Jr College in Pune. His life mission is “Information for Transformation” using ICTs, especially for down - trodden and vulnerable communities, which is in-line with MANTRA given by his Guru Shri Balasaheb Bharade…. “Upekshitancha Pratinidhi Ho!” “Become a leader of depriveds' !”